Vitamin B6, cystin and taurine

Vitamin B6, cystin and taurine

REDOSTIM® is a support of micronutrients with vitamin B6 for the integration of a healthy and balanced diet

Micronutrients in support to the normal function of the immune system

REDOSTIM®is a support with micronutrients. REDOSTIM® contains only substances normally present in the diet.


Its formula contains useful substances to feed the carbon cycle, the metabolic pathway responsible for the remethylation of homocysteine. Whenever possible, micronutrients are provided in an already activated form, in particular:


  • Vitamin B6 in its soluble and active form (pyridoxal 5-phosphate)
  • Donor of cysteine, an amino acid normally present in human and food proteins (L-cystine)
  • Taurine (non-proteogenic amino acid)

REDOSTIM® acts by providing nutrients to the endogenous metabolism which, subjected to the regulation of cellular homeostasis, will use them when necessary and useful to the cell



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