One Carbon Metabolism (OCM)

Should I be concerned about my MTHFR variant?

Following the wider availability and decreased cost of genetic testing, the topic of genetic variants got very popular and the defective genetic variants of the gene Methylen TetraHydroFolate Reductase (MTHFR) are by far the most discussed. Lost in the mess of the variable and often questionable contributions to the discussion, diagnosed carriers are now wondering: “Should I be concerned? How much? … of what?”

Girl in pain at high risk for developing preeclampsia

Am I at high risk for developing preeclampsia?

“Hi Doc, I feel unwell today and my blood pressure is going up … What is ongoing?”
For many pregnant ladies it starts as a daily discomfort while the pregnancy was apparently well progressing, however the well-trained physician will not lose any time before personally checking the blood pressure and urine to confirm the suspect and inform the lady accordingly: “I am afraid you are at risk of developing preeclampsia (PE)”. And this may be the start of unexpected troubles.

Ultrasound during pregnancy

Hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and implantation failure

In Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) practices we speak of implantation failure when a good quality embryo is transferred into the uterus but this fails to nestle in the endometrium. Failure to implant after several transfers of good embryos is referred to as repeated implantation failure. This is a serious form of infertility because there are few possible remedies.

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