Paving new avenues
to human health

Metabolic Engineering with activated micronutrients

Paving new avenues to human health

Metabolic Engineering with activated micronutrients

One Carbon Metabolism (OCM)

PCOS & Fertility

Mitochondria, Micronutrients & Energy

The wonder of micronutrients

Micronutrients are dietary substances that we need in very small amounts but that are necessary to our metabolism. Parthenogen mainly focuses on “essential” micronutrients, i.e. those that our body cannot produce and that must be assumed with the diet.

These micronutrients, besides being essential as build blocks for other molecules, also deliver metabolic signals intended to adapt the metabolism (and the epigenetic regulations) to the environment. Thus, manipulating the availability of micronutrients we can modulate the metabolic responses with a power that goes far beyond a simple supportive therapy, which we named “metabolic engeneering“.

Quality matters

Parthenogen’s products are protected by patent applications, are manufactured according to full GMP compliance, tested in process and at release, and confirmed by stability programs.

Micronutrient combinations are designed based on the most advanced research findings in metabolism and genetics.

Parthenogen’s solutions provide dietary tools to aid well being and healthy ageing. However, they should not be intended as a substitution to a varied and equilibrated diet and to a healthy lifestyle.

“Evolution does not target longevity and did not profile us for that purpose.
If we want to last longer, we must do something new”

Dr. Maurizio Dattilo, CEO Parthenogen Group

Our Vision


With over 40+ years of experiences our mission is to explore human metabolism, its relationship with the inherited genes and the relevant opportunities to modulate it by means of dietary interventions (in vivo) and of substrates manipulation (in vitro).

Research & Innovation

We are paving new and unexplored avenues on the cutting edge of contemporary research. Parthenogen is not a money-oriented organization. All our revenues are reinvested in cutting edge research and in new projects.

Quality, Rigorousness and Fairness

We are committed to human wellbeing and all of our research is open access for the benefit of everyone.


Parthenogen is ready to divert part of the profit margins to support independent researchers and non-profit organizations. More relevant, Parthenogen is available to fund diagnosis and treatment for people affected by metabolic problems and unable to sustain extra expenses. Apply for parthenogen support, you will be directed to our medical staff that will check your eligibility and actual chance of being helped by our treatment. 

Our Products


IMPRYL® is the antioxidant support with methylfolate and methylcobalamin to restore redox balance, energy production and cell viability for the health of the embryo and of the pregnancy and for a controlled ageing. Several ingredients of IMPRYL® are provided in their already activated form, i.e. downstream to possible genetic weakness of the concerned metabolic enzymes, so to ensure full coverage to everybody independently of their background genetics. The combined effect of its micronutrients is a boost to methylations, which are necessary for key biochemical syntheses including DNA, RNA and key substances like CoQ10 and carnitine and for the process of DNA methylation as part of the epigenetic programming. The increased methylations also result in a strong boost to the endogenous release of glutathione (GSH), a key physiologic antioxidant.


REDOSTIM® is a patented micronutrients combination containing supra-physiologic amounts of activated vitamin B6 (pyridoxal 5-phosphate – P5P) together with L-cystine (that is 2 cysteines) and taurine. Vitamin B6, in its active form P5P, supports the activity of several thousands of enzymes including those responsible for the synthesis of cysteine, the substrate for the release of the universal antioxidant GSH, and of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), a gaseous signalling molecule provided with strong antioxidant activity. Cysteine is the substrate for the generation of both GSH and H2S while taurine contributes to keep high cellular cysteines. H2S is the latest discovered among gasotransmitters. It is involved in the regulation of redox metabolism, immune homeostasis, endothelial function and chronic inflammation. H2S is a main regulator of the reproductive process, from gametogenesis to delivery, and its progressive decline is considered a marker of the aging process.

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